Story A Day Time To Write Workshop

Write Every Day, Not "Some Day"

The Story A Day Time To Write Workshop is THE workshop if you've ever said, "I'd like to write...some day" Turn "Some Day" Into "Every Day" What’s In The Workshop? This free workbook has three main modules, two worksheets and a bunch of bonus materials designed to help you however you prefer to work and learn (audio, mind maps, spreadsheets…) Module 1 helps you figure out where you might find some extra writing time; Module 2 helps you strategize how you can make writing time appear by stealing and swapping from other areas in your life; Module 3 teaches you how to make the most of even the tiniest pieces of time to make progress. The Worksheets provide you with a realistic look at how you fill your day now and how you might make some space for your writing. Then then help you create a step-by-step plan for transforming your busy day into a day in which there is room to write. Capturing your answer on the worksheets will give you an invaluable resource for those days when you feel scattered and frustrated. Pull out your worksheets and remember how possible it is to make time to write. Bonus Materials In case you’re an aural or visual learner, I’ve included an audio version of the workbook as a convenient mp3 file. There is also a mind-map of the materials in Xmind and iThoughtsHD formats Download just the workbook (which contains the worksheets) or extra copies of the worksheets. Or grab the whole lot: audio, mindmaps, workbook and worksheets. It’s up to you.

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